Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Checking in

I thought I might blog more often about this pregnancy.  11 weeks later and that obviously isn't happening, for a multitude of reasons. I did want to swing by and drop a quick update on life, love, babies, and all that.  In short, I'm feeling fat and happy, the family is thriving, and we're very much looking forward to 2016!

The day after Thanksgiving

The second trimester brought the anticipated spike in energy and relief from all-day sickness, thank goodness. My first pregnancy was so easy that this one took me very much by surprise.  Even aside from the nausea I just feel much more tired, overwhelmed, achy, and.... frankly, old.  There's a world of difference between being pregnant for the first time at 26 and being pregnant for the second time at 30.  My body hurts, I've gained the recommended amount of weight for 40 weeks in a record-breaking 21 weeks (oh my), and I have felt generally un-cute for the past few months.

This too shall pass, I know, and I'm already adjusting my body image and feeling better about myself. I spent the majority of my youth struggling with my body, but after having Amaliya I spent a solid 3 years maintaining my weight and getting into the best shape of my life. It was hard to go "backwards" so dramatically as soon as I got pregnant, but I've accepted and gotten used to it. The stage is set for an epic fitness comeback in 2016/17!

5am airport selfie

View from the Capitol buidling, looking out towards the Washington monument
I just spent 5 days traveling to Washington, DC and back for work, which was hard on my body but harder on my schedule during the holiday crunch.  I've been a diligent elf, though, and wrapped up (ha!) my Christmas prep a few days early.  Amaliya is almost 3-and-a-half, which is a wonderful age for starting traditions and making Christmas magic. She understands Santa, is looking forward to getting/giving gifts, exclaims in pure wonder when we see "lights ablaze!" while driving through the neighborhood, and I know she'll have an amazing time with all the family-centered festivities that will be happening this week.  I've loved prepping for Christmas this year, and daydreaming about next year when we will be celebrating as a family of four.

The preschool Christmas concert - cuter than cute!

Otherwise life is as hectic as ever.  We both work long hours, weekends are a blur, and time marches on relentlessly.  I can't believe I only have 18ish weeks left until Moon Cheese joins us.  There's so much to do - baby things to buy, closets to clean, clothes to sort (once we know the gender, which will be soon!).  At least one thing has remained the same throughout my two pregnancies, and that is the overwhelming sense of peace and stability that overcomes me when I'm pregnant.  I tend to be hormonally volatile most of the time, but when pregnant, I am balanced.  Happy. Even during the most frustrating moments, I can feel the little life inside me kicking my organs, and it really does bring me joy.  Every time.

It helps, of course, that Amaliya has been an absolute peach for the last few weeks.  We seem to have found the eye of the hurricane when it comes to 3-year-old tantrums - she's much calmer and more reasonable now, learning all the time and a total delight to talk to.  I'm sure we're heading for rough times when she hits her next big developmental leap, but that's okay.  The little breaks in between get us through.  I always feel so lucky to have her.

As always friends, thanks for reading! Have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Little kids holiday performances are always the best! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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