Saturday, October 10, 2015

Summer days, drifting away

We're winding down the summer over here.  At least, as much of a summer as two full-time employees with a kid in year-round daycare can get (and yes, I know it's already October, but come on - a SoCal summer doesn't end until November at the earliest. We'll take our PS lattes iced, poolside, thanks). I think we made the most of our limited time and even more limited budget, and took some fun local day trips.


We hit the beach, of course.  Twice.

My child doesn't like the water or when the sand is too "sandy," but she built castles for hours and eventually, at the end of the second trip, was talked into playing in the waves a bit.  I love the coast, of course, but honestly my favorite part of those trips was the drive.  Our lives are so hectic and our schedules so jacked that spending an hour in the car chatting with my husband without multitasking was incredibly relaxing.  Amaliya does great while driving, as long as she gets full control of the music.

We attended a few parties, spending much needed time with friends...

We wandered the town incognito in our superhero outfits....

And there was lots of time exploring in the yard, of course.  At least, on those days when the temperature dipped below 95 degrees.

This is the first year when Amaliya's really been flexible enough to enjoy day trips and new adventures.  Last year she still needed a 2-3 hour nap every day, was not physically adventurous at all, and became easily overwhelmed by noises and crowds.  This year she was brave, much more self-assured, and could power through nap time like a boss, most days.  She still doesn't take well to crowds and noise and forced playing with other kids, but if we limited our outings to a few hours, she did fine.

This summer was special to me, as it will go down in the books as the last for our family of 3.  Next year, with an infant in tow, our days will be different and our adventures more complicated. Still, adventure we will.  Life is too short and the world is too vast to do otherwise.

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