Saturday, September 12, 2015

I'm back! With 10 questions.

My little blog got a face-lift!  Nothing earth shattering, just a little freshening up. I miss this space, and I really do hope to return here more often in the coming days.

I am easing back into this whole writing-for-pleasure thing.  I'm rusty. It's hard. It seems impossible that, not so long ago, I would sit in front of a screen and let the words pour out of me effortlessly - now, every sentence is a struggle.

While I try to remember how to write again, and figure out what I want from this space going forward, I'll leave you with a little practice exercise that succeeded in getting my brain cranking and fingers typing again (nevermind that it's taken me three days to write and get this post up).

What are you really good at?  What are you really bad at?

I’m really good at:  making decisions, running a household, multi-tasking.  I’m really bad at: focusing on one thing at a time, making small talk.

Have you ever been in a car accident?  What happened?

When I was 17 I wrecked my dad's jeep. I was driving my brother to get a haircut and made a left turn in front of an oncoming car in the parking lot.  I'd only had my license for a few months so it was totally traumatizing, but a good learning experience - I've been much more careful ever since.

Why did you attend your college?

I got it in my head in high school that I was going to move to Africa and someday work for the United Nations.  I started college at a small private university in San Diego that had a sister campus in Nairobi, Kenya.  After 2 years, I took the plunge and moved to Africa for 2 and a half years, where I finished my B.A. (and determined that I would absolutely NOT be working for the UN).

Describe your morning routine today.

(From Thursday, when I started this) Woke up at 5:15; lounged in bed until 5:40; worked on the blog for a while; made breakfast; packed my lunch; put on running clothes and packed my gym bag; got Amaliya up, dressed, fed, and dropped her off at daycare; ran a 5K on the treadmill at work; changed; grabbed coffee; made it to my desk.

Have you ever snooped through someone else’s things? Did you find anything interesting?

I was a nosy kid, so I'm pretty sure I went through all my family members' stuff at some point (and yes, there are some things that I can never unsee).  I also went through my husband's phone a couple times when we first got together.  Once I hit my mid-20s I grew up a little bit and now mind my own business!

What do you think happens when you die?

I’m not religious, so I don’t really have a ‘guide’ or template for what happens at death.  I guess I have two instincts... feelings... possibilities that sit well and make sense to me.  First, that when we die, we just die.  It's not terrible or anything, it's just like before we're born.  We cease to exist.  Sometimes, though, I think that we might experience life again after we die.  Consciousness through a different body.  Again, I don't attach any dogma to this, and I don't think the circumstances of our next life are determined by our choices in this life. It's just comforting, I guess, to think that something might come after.

Are you superstitious?

Sort of.  I find "signs" in random occurrances, and I have to knock on wood if I so much as think a jinxed thought.  However, I acknowledge that I do these things to soothe my own mind and they in no way impact the outcome of anything.

Do people think you are younger or older than you actually are?

I used to always be told that I look way younger than I am.  Having a kid must have aged me though - I haven't heard that in a while, and I rarely get carded these days!

How did your parents’ relationship influence you?

That's a story best left for professional therapists. Ha! So many aspects of who I am can be directly traced back to the relationship role models that surrounded me. I make my decisions firmly but carefully. I always strive to educate and improve myself, and to maintain an identity separate from my family. I acknowledge that relationships take work, and try to address issues head-on instead of building up resentment and making excuses.

What were the three happiest moments of your life?

Easy!  1) the birth of my daughter, 2) finishing a marathon, 3) a tie between: swimming naked in the Indian Ocean, and seeing the absolute favorite band from my youth (Live) in concert.

I'll be back soon, friends!  Have a great weekend!

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