Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Play-By-Play

This blog means a lot of different things to me.  It's an outlet, a way to forge a community, a platform to speak about the things I am passionate about.  It's also a good ol'fashioned journal, and I love being able to look back at my old posts and read about what I was doing months or even years ago.

I've wanted to do a post like this for a while, and thought Tuesday, April 1, 2014 might as well be the day!  I bring you: a photo an hour, capturing a typical Tuesday in my life. 

5:30am: The alarm goes off, I drag myself out of bed to get dressed for my run.  The sound of rain outside bums me out and I momentarily reconsider the workout.  I'm only scheduled to run 3-5 easy miles this morning, so I vow to run closer to 3 and call it good.  I tape up my feet, eat half a Larabar, put on my headphones, and I'm out the door!

6:30am: Back from my run, showered, dressed, drinking a sad cup of coffee that was actually reheated from yesterday's pot.  I have about 5 minutes to suck it down before I have to pack my lunch and wake Amaliya up to get her dressed for daycare.

7:30am: We made it to daycare!  It wasn't easy - Amaliya wanted to flop on me and snuggle in front of Thomas and Friends instead of getting ready.  Before we left she cried and asked me to sing her songs while she curled up against my shoulder.  Ugh.  These are the kind of days PTO was made for.  Alas, I dropped her off, and drove myself down the street to work.

8:30am:  Breakfast!  I eat the same thing every morning - an egg with hummus on gluten free bread (Trader Joe's brand) - but it never gets old.  I'm super hungry this morning.  I pop a couple Airborne and fish oil pills for good measure, and get to work.

9:30am:  The state of my inbox has me seriously close to violating my strict no-crying-at-work policy, so I attempt to drown my sorrows in coffee.  Yes, I use my Christmas mug all year long.  It's the perfect size!

10:30am:  I need some air, but unfortunately, I was so busy getting Amaliya bundled up this morning that I forgot to bring a jacket for myself.  I spend a few deep breaths outside, appreciating the rare rainy day, before heading back to my desk.

11:30am:  I usually eat a pretty early lunch, and again, I eat the same thing almost every day - quinoa with veggies and shredded chicken, topped with a little bit of salad dressing.  It's seriously tasty and filling.  I eat at my desk while answering emails - not ideal, but I prefer to spend my actual lunch break running errands.

12:30pm:  Today I  need a mental break, so I head to Stell for a half-caff Americano.  It does the trick, and I also found a piece of free art sitting on the counter!   I was psyched!  I've been following the local Free Art Movement (where people leave art around with just their Instagram handle and #freeart as identifiers) for a while now but have never had the chance to pick up a piece.  Now I found one without even trying!

1:30pm:  After leaving Stell I ran across the parking lot to buy some salsa to use with dinner.  On my way to the car I was stopped by a guy who was promoting a salon in the same plaza.  He had really nice eyes and a good sales pitch, and I was feeling very stressed out, sooo I ended up spending $40 to purchase a spa package including a hair treatment, traditional facial, back facial, and some other stuff.  Random.

2:30 pm:  See the little block in the middle?  That's the free art I picked up!  I'm going to display it here alongside Charlotte's heart print.  My shelf is the only splash of color I see in the sterile office environment, so I look over at it quite frequently.  Work is insane.  I bury myself in emails again.

3:30pm: Over it.  So over it.  One hour left.

4:30pm:  Freedom!  I pick up Amaliya and head home, arriving at the same time as my husband.  We all head upstairs together.

5:30pm:  As soon as we walk in the door I start prepping dinner.  Tonight I simmer cubed turkey breast in salsa, and then stir fry it with some kale and wild rice (made the night before and refrigerated).  It was a totally random compilation of food, but seriously delicious!  We had it with guacamole on the side.  Amaliya ate two entire bowls full of rice, along with most of the guacamole.  She must not have eaten much at daycare.  I'm happy to see her filling up on healthy foods!  She even ate the kale!

6:30pm:  This is the most relaxing part of our day.  We usually turn on the Big Bang Theory and crash out on the living room floor for an hour.  Amaliya plays with us or on her own, sometimes we snuggle, we usually chase the cat for a little while, and tonight we all piled up on the beanbag.  There's momentary drama when she has to get her pajamas on and her hair braided for the night, but otherwise she's happy and silly and we enjoy some time together as a family.

7:30pm:  We brushed Amaliya's teeth, and I read her books in the rocking chair for a while.  She's been extra clingy today so we spend 10 extra minutes hugging and singing songs before finally turning out the light.  She cries a little bit in protest, but then goes to sleep.  I eat the second half of my dinner (I've been dividing my evening meal into two small halves lately; since we eat so early, I find I'm more energized for the next day's workouts if I eat something a little closer to bedtime) and immediately sit down at the computer to work on this post!  Tuesday evenings are usually devoted to the blog. Two squares of dark chocolate are consumed while I work.

8:30pm: I finish up all the last minute chores around the house and make sure our bags are packed for tomorrow (the large bag is full of cloth diapers and clothes for daycare). Usually this is when I do some food prep for tomorrow's dinner and finish up the dishes, but I'm stumped as far as dinner goes and my husband already cleaned the kitchen!  I spend some extra time on social media and answering texts before calling it a night.

9:30pm:  I sleep best when I read for a while before bed, so I spend about 45 minutes with this book (phenomenal, by the way).  I also consult my training plan, which I keep beside the bed, just to make sure I'm on track with my workouts for the week.  I double-check the alarm before switching off the light.

10:30pm:  Sleep!

This is a normal Tuesday for me, meaning it's hectic, busy at work, and light on any kind of social interaction.  Honestly, I'll be happy to look back on this post in a few years when (hopefully) I am not tied to a cubicle all day and dealing with daycare drama.

For now, though, this is life!

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