Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life-ish, 4/6 - 4/12

Good decisions

  • Mentioning at a Toastmasters meeting that my coworkers and I exercise a couple times a week at our company gym.  I gave an open invite to join, thinking nobody would, but a couple people were actually interested!  We had a new person come last week, so now we have a good-sized group getting our sweat on at lunchtime.  Fun!
  • Speaking of Toastmasters, I volunteered to give my 4th speech next week, which will bring me one step closer to achieving my goal for this year.
  • I watch a lot of Disney movies these days.  I finally saw Frozen, and loved it of course.  Then I put on Mulan and realized that yes, the animation has improved, but the music from these new movies really doesn't compare to the classics, in my opinion.
  • Spending lots of time playing with my Amaliya.  She really loves simple, repetitive pretend games right now.  For example, she loads up a small bag with all kinds of stuff, gives me a kiss, waves bye bye, walks a loop around the house, stops in front of me and says, "hello!"  We dump out her bag and look at everything inside, then she fills up the bag again and the cycle continues.  Over and over and over.  Instead of resisting, I go with it, and we end up having a great time together.
My beautiful girl

Bad decisions

  •  Not double checking my alarm clock on Thursday night.  I woke up 1.5 hours late Friday morning and had to split my 7 mile run into 3 miles at lunchtime (in the hot hot heat) and 4 at night (in the dark).  I'm proud of myself for getting it done, but still, it was not my finest moment.
  • Letting myself be too affected by some not-so-great news on Thursday. I like to think I am resilient and handle disappointment pretty well, but after a while, I get worn down like anyone else would.  It's okay though.  Chin up, moving on!
Post-run, having regrets.


  • Monday: Bootcamp at lunch.
  • Tuesday: 6 mile interval run before work.  Very tough but incredibly satisfying.
  • Wednesday: Off.
  • Thursday: Bootcamp at lunch.
  • Friday: 3 miles run at lunch (pretty fast, considering I was about to have a heat stroke) and 4 miles in the evening for a total of 7 miles.
  • Saturday: Off


Epic moments in parenting

  • I know the stereotype is for toddler moms to be suuuper annoyed that they never have a private moment to themselves in the bathroom, but honestly?  I don't mind.  Maybe it's because I am a working mom and I'll take quality time whenever I can get it!  It amuses the heck out of me when Amaliya stands in the doorway and shouts "Mama shower!!" over and over and OVER again while I fly through my 10 minute shower, and then insists on bringing me my clothes and helping me lotion my legs.  She is so sweet!
Not quite able to fill it out yet :)

Any dubious decisions or hilarious parenting moments to share? I hope you have a good week, friends!

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