Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life-ish, 3/30-4/5

The last week was a little bit rough.

Not for any particular reason - I was moody, the office was tedious, and I was just feeling stuck in my circumstances and attitude.  Meh.  MEH.  Funks happen to everyone now and then though, right?

Good decisions

  • I did my Tuesday run despite the rain (and I didn't even melt!)
  • Despite work being B-A-N-A-N-A-S on Wednesday, I made time to go to the gym and do a strength circuit during lunch, and it really helped my mood.
  • I spent some time with my oldest and best friend, and it was soothing to my soul.  Seeing her interact with my daughter is priceless.
  • A pedicure and a car wash.  When my feet and my vehicle are on point, the world just feels like a friendlier, more orderly place to be.
  • My husband had a job interview (pause a moment to put some good energy out in the universe for him......... okay, thanks) on Thursday, so I came home two hours early to watch Amaliya.  We took a long walk, she pushed her own stroller all over town, and I drank a full fat mocha latte.  Bliss.

Bad decisions

  •  Chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.  Too much.  Despite the progress I've made, I am still an emotional eater.
  • Letting my bad mood carry over into the weekend.  I only get one day per week to wake up naturally, laze around and make breakfast, and do things with my family.  Whenever I waste one of these precious mornings feeling pissy and resentful, I inevitably regret it.
  • Putting old mashed potatoes down the garbage disposal, which clogged it.  Irritating.


  • Sunday: 15 fabulous miles.
  • Monday: Off.
  • Tuesday: 3.6 miles in the rain.  Very unpleasant.
  • Wednesday: 30 minute strength circuit, focused on legs.
  • Thursday: 45 minute full-body strength circuit.
  • Friday: 6 miles.
  • Saturday: Off.  Spent an hour walking around downtown carrying a toddler.

How was your week?  

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