Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lately in the Ojo house.


.... I'm halfway done with this quarter of grad school, and it feels so good.  I need to map out the rest of the year, but I'm pretty sure my MBA will be complete in 2014.  This is both a wonderful (free time!) and terrifying (student loans in repayment) prospect.

.... because I don't have nearly enough projects going right now (har har) I bought myself an 800 page guide to Adobe Photoshop and have started teaching myself that ridiculously complex program.  I'm excited!  I love making pretty things.

... I have cold, thanks again Daycare.  It's settled in my sinuses which is NOT a nice feeling and hopefully won't turn into an infection.  Meanwhile I am still running, because I've discovered that I can't not run while on a training plan.  6 miles on tap for Friday, and 13 Sunday.  Gulp.

... Amaliya's vocabulary has exploded in the last few weeks.  I sat down to take a count today, and realize that she knows over 40 words!  Her pronunciation is rough of course ("pah" can either mean pants, puppy, potty, or yogurt melts, depending on the context) but we understand her for the most part.  Just the ability to exchange a few words with her has made communication so so so much easier.  I can tell she's really proud of herself when she says something and we understand it.

... President's Day weekend was lovely.  I made a hearty lamb stew with dates and apricots that was the bomb.  Recipe here. We cleaned, and cleaned some more. I ran 10 miles. We went to breakfast at our favorite place and chased Amaliya around the park for a while.  Lots of quality time with my little family = bliss.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our jaunt around the park.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and I could have stayed there all morning.  Screaming toddler in need of a nap thought otherwise, but it was magical while it lasted.

Looking so grown up.

Watching the ducks

Daddy's shades.
Making piles at the sand woodchip box

Did you have a nice long weekend?  Or did you have to work (sadface)?

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