Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ode to the man

To the man who never hestitates to be the only man with a baby at the doctor's office, at the park, or wandering around town wearing a baby carrier.

To the man who's support has never failed us, who has been there and will be there through thick and thin.

To the man, the very patient man, who spends an entire day on his knees while his daughter "walks" him from room to room.

To the man who somehow knows exactly how to handle the chaos that is an overwhelmed, hysterical wife and screaming baby: mouth shut, arms open, dinner in an hour  :)

To the man who washes cloth diapers. Enough said.

To the man who comes home from a day of work and a long commute, grabs the baby, and goes out for a long walk so that I can have a few minutes of quiet and preserve what few shreds of my sanity remain.  And then comes back with a treat for me.

To the man who puts his girls first.  Always.

To the man who made me a mother.

Happy Father's Day.

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  1. Happy first Father's Day Kunle!!! Lots of love (and way to go for washing those cloth diapers!!)