Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Busy busy busy...

 Hello!  School is back in full swing, and my weekly workload consists of two case studies (8 typed pages each), problems and a quiz on Operations Research, and problems and a quiz in Statistics.  I'm drowning!  And I don't have much time for blogging sooooo I'll throw a random fill-in and a baby picture at you. 

I know right?  I can't believe it's October, and I'm the mom of a two-month-old.  I wonder when I'm going to wake up from this haze...

I wish babies were born with grown-up sleep habits.
I want to be done with my MBA already.
I always start my day with coffee, and end it with wine (since having a baby, anyway).
I need love. And a chiropractic adjustment.
I feel generally in control of my destiny.
I think a lot less than my husband.  That's a good thing.
I ask my husband to fill my water bottle countless times in an evening, while I'm glued to the couch breastfeeding.
I hear my baby's sweet squeaks and sighs while she takes a nap on me.
I smell coffee.  Yes, at 3pm.  So what??
I ponder constantly about the state of my relationships.
I seek ways to get out of the house - I can't spend a whole day inside without feeling unhinged.
I play with my daughter, and she's starting to play with me too  :-D
I try to always challenge myself.
I prefer unsalted peanuts.
I wonder when I will have time to train for a marathon (not "if").
I believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
I mean what I say, generally.
I never want to jump out of a plane.  Or bungee jump.  Or anything that involves hurtling myself to the ground for "fun."
I plan to be physically active for the rest of my life.
I hope that I can give my daughter a wonderful life and set a good example for her.
I worry about the people I love.
I dislike cigarette smoke, extremists, bad drivers, and dishonest people.
I struggle to let myself rely on other people.

Hopefully I'll be checking in later this week.  Take care, guys!


  1. I am in shock that you are back in school so soon, especially if you're returning to work! Superwoman!

    I am terrified of returning to work and how busy it will be!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going well. She is getting more and more beautiful it seems :)

  3. Bahaha, I also never want to hurdle to the ground for fun, and yet here I am, falling all the time, and laughing afterward. But I catch your drift. And love you.