Monday, September 24, 2012

Amaliya at 8 weeks

For the first month of her life, Amaliya existed.  Slept, pooped, ate, cried, expressed the occasional preference for a motion or position, but there was not much of a personality there.  During the second month, though, she really started to BE.  These last few weeks have been truly amazing in terms of watching her grow, seeing her begin to recognize people and things, and become very vocal about what she wants and needs.  Sometimes I watch her looking intently at something, and I can picture all the cells in her brain multiplying and making new connections.

Amaliya likes: Making eye contact and smiling, talking to mama, touring the house, laying on the guest bed and looking out the window, wiggle time and tummy time on her play mat, eating her hands, napping in the Baby Hawk, walking around outside, diaper changes (unless she's hungry), bath time, boobs, bottles, being snuggled, dancing to all kinds of music.... basically everything.  She's a very happy baby!

Amaliya dislikes:  outfit changes, being away from mama, too many hands passing her around, overstimulation, napping in her crib (or anywhere besides strapped to my chest), waiting for bottles to warm up or diaper changes when she's hAngry.

She takes so much interest in the world around her now.  She stares at the bookshelves, pictures on the wall, herself in the mirror (and there's nothing cuter than watching her lock eyes with herself and break out in a giant smile); she follows objects with her eyes, and will grab at toys if you hold them at just the right angle; She looks me in the eye, smiles, and "talks" to me; her head and neck control are getting better every day.

This new sensitivity to the world around her is too much for her to handle sometimes.  She gets overwhelmed easily, especially by people - it doesn't take long for a few new faces and pairs of hands holding her to max out her social abilities.  That's the only time she really cries inconsolably, and it's only solved by mom's arms and voice (and if that doesn't work, a quick nursing session never fails to mellow her out).

The sleep situation deserves a post of it's own, but in short, she is an AWESOME night sleeper and I couldn't be more grateful.  (I hate to post specifics because I might jinx it... but...) for the last few nights she has clocked almost 8 straight hours of sleep.  I put her down about 8:00pm, and don't hear a peep out of her until 3:45am.  I pick her up, fix her swaddle, feed her for about 5-10 minutes on each side, and she's asleep again before I lay her back down.  She'll generally rest for another 2-2.5 hours before she's up for the day.

Naps are challenging, but she'll sleep for 1.5-2.5 hours at a time on my chest if I put her in the carrier.  Crib naps are variable - sometimes she'll spring up (figuratively) after 10 minutes, sometimes she'll go down for 45 or so - either way, she gets more sleep when I wear her.  Not ideal for the long term, but for now it enables her to rest well and me to get things done.  When she gets closer to 3 months, I'll work on transitioning her to full time crib naps if it doesn't happen naturally before then.

The best part of her naps in the Baby Hawk: getting to look down at this face all day!
Though she's exhausting, Amaliya is so much fun to be around now that she can really interact with people.  I never get tired of putting her up on my shoulder and explaining the world to her, or laying down and looking at toys together.  Every time she turns her head in the direction of my voice and gives me that special grin (which is different than the smiles she gives anyone else, I'm convinced), my heart grows by three sizes.

I never thought I would love being a mom so much  <3


  1. awww! she is SO adorable! i read the having a routine before bedtime is good, but i am still trying to get the hang of that. a bath before bedtime is GREAT (Elliott always conks out after), but i am a bit wary of bathing everyday right now since i don't want to dry out his sweet baby skin. that's awesome that amaliya sleeps so long! soon you'll be putting her to bed at 8 and she won't wake up again until 8!

    1. I look forward to that day! I've never tried a bath before bed (honestly, she only gets a legit bath once a week, and mini-baths a couple times in between). Our bedtime ritual is a diaper change, naked time with massage while I talk to her, pajamas, swaddle, nursing for a few minutes in a dark room, then I lay her down in her crib while she's still semi-awake. If she fusses I give her a pacifier for a few minutes. Then I walk out, and she usually knocks out within a few minutes!

  2. She is beautiful! I love her hair!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, her hair kills me. Everyone tells me it will likely fall out, but it just keeps getting thicker!

  3. She is adorable! And her hair isn't going to fall out. It will likely continue to get thicker lol!