Thursday, July 26, 2012

Much ado about diapers

Yes, we are using cloth diapers.  No, we are not crazy, masochistic, delusional, etc.  They will be far cheaper in the long run, I am willing to put up with the hassle of extra laundry, and my conscience feels better knowing that we are not adding a zillion pounds of diaper waste to the landfills, though I know that we will be using more water which also impacts the environment.

And that's all I'm going to say about the "why"s of this decision.

(If you want more information or eloquent discussions about cloth vs. disposable, check out Daily Garnish or Healthy Tipping Point).

Now for the fun part - our stash!  I've been gradually collecting diapers since the winter and I think we've managed to stock up on a good amount of a variety of types - hopefully enough to carry us through the diapering phase, though I anticipate needed to add a couple more depending on how... dirty... our delicate little flower turns out to be.  :)

So with that said, here's what we have!


Simply Cloth (One Size) - 3
       Small - 5
       Medium - 5
       One Size - 3

Fuzzibunz (small)
Fuzzibunz (one size)
Fuzzibunz (medium)
Simply Cloth (one size)

Thirsties (small) - 3
Thirsties All -In-Ones, and one Thirsties cover


Flip (snap) - 3
Flip (velcro) - 3
Thirsties (velcro, small) - 1
Inserts - 32

Yes, I somehow ended up with 32 inserts, which means if I need more diapers down the road I will be investing in more Flip covers.  I'm thinking that I prefer the snap kind to the velcro, but we'll see how I feel once I actually start changing them.

I also like the Flip system because of it's hybrid nature - I can buy disposable inserts to use if we're out around town, and I've heard that some daycares who will not accommodate cloth diapering will make an exception for disposables (I don't know why, it seems like the same amount of work for them either way.... but I digress).

My Planet Wise wet bags in medium and large are also ready to go!  I have a stash of 100 newborn disposable diapers to last us for the first week or so, but I hope to transition baby girl into cloth soon after (depending on how big she is... but who am I kidding?  I'm going to have a massive baby.  Mother's instinct).

If you stumble across this blog and have experience with cloth diapers, I'd love to know your opinion on the above!  Do I have enough to get started?  How do you feel about the Flip system?  Cloth diapering at daycare stories to share?

Happy Thursday friends!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nursery update, and no work for me!

Maternity leave has begun!  Yippee!

Now I have time for all those projects I've had on my list for the last few months but have shamefully neglected! **cough**blogging**cough**

In fact, in the last 1.5 days, I have already steam cleaned my carpets, deep cleaned my kitchen, reorganized my craft drawers, washed/prepped/inventoried my cloth diapers, went to yoga, knitted half a scarf, and watched a fair amount of Netflix.  I'm aware these might not sound like relaxing, about-to-have-a-baby activities, but I can't help myself.... I'm incapable of relaxation unless it's a) scheduled, and b) simultaneously productive.

I'm due on Friday!  Time has really flown, and though I'm anxious to meet my daughter, I'm also enjoying these last few days of sleeping through the night (bathroom trips don't count) and being able to wander around town by myself on a whim.  Since I realize I posted a little while ago about my inspiration for the nursery and then never followed up, I suppose it's about time I document what's been going on in our spare bedroom lately!

First, a look at the hot mess I started with:

Blank walls, lots o'junk

A crib full of random stuff.

For a while the bed was doubling as my study space and my husband's ironing station.
And, here's how it turned out!  Almost everything here was handmade, hand-me-down, or recycled from a previous life.  Our budget was seriously, seriously limited, and I'm honestly very happy with how the space came together despite being unable to buy a lot of fancy accessories.

The dresser was a cast-off that I painted green, adorned with vine-and-leaf handles from Lowes; the flags and lantern cluster were handmade; the fabric concealing the mini-fridge (which will be moved to the office once I go back to work) is something I picked up in Spain a decade ago; and the art pieces were purchased off Amazon for $5 each about 8 years ago, to adorn my college dorm room!

We bought the double bed when my husband's parents were staying with us, and we figured we keep it and use it as a changing station (and, let's be real, where I'm going to be sleeping most of the time for the next couple months).  The pom poms hanging from the ceiling are handmade, and the changing pad is a loaner from a friend.

You can never have too many pom poms!  And no, that map is not upside down - it's meant to be that way.  A perk of working for a company that makes mapping software is that you can occasionally obtain unique swag.
We had this cube storage container in the living room until we moved.  I bought the colorful fabric drawers, then stenciled on little owls and flowers with fabric paint.  The baskets on top were bought at Ross for $5 each and contain diaper supplies (left) and breastfeeding supplies (right).  In the middle is our meager stash of books, which will surely grow over the next few months.  And the tree decal is a gift that I am totally in love with.

I'm also in love with this crib!  It was a hand-me-down from Charlotte, bless her, and has drawers underneath that I use to store diapers.  The Boppy pillow in the crib is on loan, the car seat chilling off to the left was a gift, the play mat and bouncy seat peaking out on the right were bought at a consignment sale for a total of $25, and the blankets draped over the sides were each handmade by dear friends and coworkers.  This picture just reminds me how much I have to be grateful for.  :)
Now, all that's missing is the baby!