Monday, May 14, 2012

Large and still in charge

Unrelated picture:

Mother's Day flowers from my husband.  So sweet of him!  <3

Just when I feel like I get into a nice little rhythm with blogging, something happens and I fall off the wagon.  As much as I'd like to devote hours a day to my little corner of the Internet, alas.... life gets in the way.

Exhibit A: my MASSIVE to-do list.  Want a glimpse?
  • Marketing class - 7-page case study, due by Friday (and 2 more due within the next 3 weeks).
  • Marketing class - Research project that I have to condense into an 8 minute video presentation.  I have yet to pick a topic or give much thought to this at all yet (the thought of filming myself trying to give a serious presentation at 34 weeks pregnant- in yoga pants, most likely - makes it really hard to focus on this project).  It's worth a rather large chunk of my grade, so I'd better get on it.
  • Work - Keep showing up 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.  This whole "employed, productive adult" stuff is extremely time consuming.
  • Work - Email HR for all the deets on taking a leave of absence (eg. when can I start, how much will they pay me, how many hundreds of forms will I need to sign, etc).
  • Baby - Childbirth classes begin on May 25th.  Four Fridays in a row, 2-hours per session.  I'm kinda excited to get this started.
  • Baby - Write a birth plan.  This is midwife-assigned homework that I'd like to have completed before my next appointment (on the 24th).
  • Baby - Maternity photos.  I'm the luckiest girl on the planet and have a photographer friend who has agreed to do some photos for us for free.  We just have to pick a day, sometime in June, that fits into everyone's schedule.
  • Baby - Baby shower!  My mom is doing most of the planning for this one, but I'm assisting with game planning, food prep, invite mailing (done today!  Shocking!), etc.
  • Baby - I have 3 separate creative projects in process right now, plus the general shopping/nursery decorating.
  • Baby - Find a pediatrician.  Apparently, I'm supposed to have one already.  She's not even born and I'm already a bum mom!
  • Baby - Find a daycare provider, in case there's a waiting list.  Something ELSE I thought I had lots of time to tackle, only to find out I'm on the late freight as usual.  Sigh.

The school work (and werk-work) should be my priority.  The baby-related stuff is my ACTUAL priority (because it's generally a lot more fun).  And then all that extraneous stuff sneaks in... like working out, reading novels for the hell of it, taking fun day trips with my husband, cooking and cleaning and general wifery, watching movies, catching up with friends.... and some of those things are daily necessities that I can't or won't compromise on.

...Okay, the novel reading probably should be compromised on a bit.  I blame my brother, who got me hooked on the Game of Thrones.  Every book in the cursed series in 900ish pages.  I finished the first and really really want to start the second.  Resisting.  So far.  But I digress....

Oddly, I'm not too stressed about all of this though.  Having a very full plate has been my reality for years now and I know that, no matter how dire the circumstances may be, things will get done and everything will work out.  I'm strangely mellow, confident, and feeling generally on top of everything.  Weird.

I'll leave you with a couple more unrelated pictures from the weekend before last, when my husband, myself, and my 28-week bump walked about 4ish miles around Yucaipa Regional Park and took lots of pics of ourselves (as usual).

Terrible quality, but I don't even have time to edit.  Have a lovely week, readers!


  1. Yay I'm so glad you commented on my post because now I get to check out your blog! You are adorable and congrats on the pregnancy!!

  2. Wow! Honestly, I envy your organization. I usually tend to be pretty organized at home but the older I get the more relaxed I am. I guess you have a lot on your plate though, so you have to be!