Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happier times

 Let's not talk about this past week, shall we? 

Well, no, we can talk about Monday.  I took a spontaneous sanity day from work to stay home and do 5 hours worth of homework, then I treated myself to a new bra from Kohl's (that FITS my pregnant boobs, hurrah!) and a bunch of nursery hanging storage and cube thingies from Target.  I came home and rearranged all the nursery furniture (again) and sorted baby clothes (.... again.... so?) before making dinner.  It was lovely.

And we can briefly discuss Wednesday, my husband's (30TH!) birthday.  I'm pretty terrible at orchestrating surprises, but this year I managed to get my act together and arrange for a box of chocolate covered fruit to be delivered to him at the office.  He was successfully surprised, I feel my Good Wife status was validated by not epically failing to celebrate a milestone birthday, and we ended the day with a long walk and a toast to good health (with sparkling cider which, I'm sorry, will NEVER be an adequate toasting beverage).

Since those were the only two redeeming moments from an otherwise work/school/emotional baggage heavy week, I'll leave you with some pretty pictures of a Saturday morning at the UC Riverside Botanical Gardens.  Nothing is quite so relaxing as wandering through nature.

(Serious face)

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good night  :)

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