Sunday, April 1, 2012

From woe to wonderful


Don't let this deceptively peaceful picture fool you - this weekend has been anything but.  Saturday began with me being a hormonal wreck, reached a crescendo in the early afternoon when our fridge died and my husband's computer caught a virus and crashed (these events happened simultaneously, of course), and wrapped up when I crawled into bed at 9pm and swore off the world for the next 12 hours.

Today was better.  The fridge came back to life, sort of - time will tell.  The computer recovered.  I made it to the gym finally for Body Pump, and came home to a luxurious 1.5 hour nap with the windows open and fresh air breezing in.  Then ate too much cake.  And now I'm ready for a long shower and an evening in bed with a book I borrowed from my brother (Game of Thrones, and no I haven't seen the HBO series).

Last week was spring break (not even REMOTELY exciting when you work full time in addition to school), so this week I'm starting a new class.  10 more weeks and I'm done until fall, looking forward too a long leisurely summer spent... you know... giving birth and caring for an infant.  Gulp.

Speaking of things, I've done a lot of baby shopping in the last week which I will do a post on later.  23 weeks and the clock is ticking!  Next week she will be considered "viable" and stand a decent chance of surviving on the outside if she were to come early (don't you dare, little girl) so I'm definitely feeling the need to get things prepared.

And finally, what is spring without another Journal Challenge??  This one sponsored by my dear friend Charlotte.  It's only for a week, but there are seven great prompts and I'm looking forward to spending a little creative time every day.  Hopefully this will get me inspired to start on some of the nursery art I've been planning to make.

Today's prompt: Introduce yourself. 

Good night!


  1. Sorry your Saturday was a bummer! Catastrophe only to prepare you for all the crazy $&!@ that will come when baby girl is born. Thanks for doing my challenge with me! (You may be the only one. If you're not... one of two. Not a bad start!)

  2. I love your art. Even a simple picture of you is lovely. Maybe I'll make YOU illustrate my children's know, just to add one more thing to your overfull plate <3 ;) It'll be okay my love. Keep waking up.