Saturday, April 21, 2012

...26, 27...

26 weeks pregnant.  27 years old.  And...

... in every sense of the word.

(Instagram makes me happy.  Pretty filters = instantly more interesting life).

I'm not the sort that panics at the thought of getting older.  True, it blows my mind how fast the time seems to go - my childhood and teenage years seemed to take forever, but now the years are flying by and I can barely keep up.  I'm enjoying getting older, though.  Every year seems to be better than the last.  I know myself and love myself better, discover new interests and passions, connect and reconnect with wonderful people, and generally grow closer to becoming the person I want to be.  Sappy but true. 

My 26th year on earth was fantastic and the best yet.  I started running, joined a running club, made new friends, ran two races, and hit a peak distance of 12-miles.  This was a HUGE deal for me - I've never been so proud of myself.  After spending most of my life obese and never engaging in anything remotely athletic, I was shocked to learn this year that I am happiest when physically pushing my body to and through it's limits.

During my 26th year I marked 6 years of knowing and 3 years of marriage to my husband.  No marriage is perfect and the first two years of ours were rocky - what with adjusting to a totally new country and culture (for my husband), job transitions, financial struggles, and simply getting to know each other all over again as "husband and wife" instead of "two foreign college kids shacking in Kenya."  It was tough, but I can say that the past year was the first where I felt truly settled into my relationship.  We understand and accept each other more fully now.  Communication is always a work in progress, but we are getting so much better. Most importantly, I have that sense of constant security and support that comes from knowing without a doubt that the person you love most, loves you back and is in it with you for the long haul.  Again, I know, sappy.  Still true though.

(Oh, pre-pregnant body, how I miss you...)

This was also the year I finally, finally met my husband's parents.  Planning their trip was our primary focus over the summer/fall months, and I enjoyed the anticipation, preparation, and getting to work together with my husband on something (we're extremely independent people with very different interests - collaboration is rare, believe it or not).  Besides enjoying the company, the experience confirmed something for me that I'd always suspected:  you cannot truly know or appreciate someone until you understand who and where they come from.

And of course, age 26 will always stand out for me as the year this happened:

I guess it doesn't seem like much: I didn't take any grand vacations, party it up every (or any) weekend, make giant career moves... but for me, personally, this has been a momentous year, and one characterized primarily by CHANGE.  Change that I seek out for myself, for the better.  Change that is thrust upon by outside sources that I have little or no control over.  If I had to condense all the lessons of the past year into one, it would be this:  I have a hard time dealing with change.  Who, me?  Me, who has moved 11 times in the last 9 years?  Who flees the continent on a whim?  Its true, and I finally recognize my past actions for what they really are - a frantic search for stability in an inherently unstable world.  My 26th year is the year I finally found that sense of stability in my relationships, job, attitude, etc.  We're facing so many changes in the next year that, I admit, 27 has me feeling a bit apprehensive. My goal going forward is definitely to keep an open mind, roll with the changes, and gracefully go in the direction life is leading me (instead of tightening my fist and trying to control everything all the time).

And in the spirit of embracing change (or trying to) I also FINALLY cashed in an Amazon Local voucher that I bought back in October and got a haircut.  Like, a real one, in a fancy salon!  Rather than stick with the same style Ive been rocking for 27 years now, I opted for something a bit different:

It's growing on me  :)


  1. Happy happy 26 & 27! Change is inevitable as we grow older, and we can do is just learn to embrace it. Change is tough and scary, but often times it brings something to life that is a million times better than it was before. Your 26th year was awesome!! But I have a feeling 27 will be all the better, meeting your first born child and becoming a mother. Congrats!

    1. I am happy you are happy. You are a beautiful woman inside and out.