Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happier times

 Let's not talk about this past week, shall we? 

Well, no, we can talk about Monday.  I took a spontaneous sanity day from work to stay home and do 5 hours worth of homework, then I treated myself to a new bra from Kohl's (that FITS my pregnant boobs, hurrah!) and a bunch of nursery hanging storage and cube thingies from Target.  I came home and rearranged all the nursery furniture (again) and sorted baby clothes (.... again.... so?) before making dinner.  It was lovely.

And we can briefly discuss Wednesday, my husband's (30TH!) birthday.  I'm pretty terrible at orchestrating surprises, but this year I managed to get my act together and arrange for a box of chocolate covered fruit to be delivered to him at the office.  He was successfully surprised, I feel my Good Wife status was validated by not epically failing to celebrate a milestone birthday, and we ended the day with a long walk and a toast to good health (with sparkling cider which, I'm sorry, will NEVER be an adequate toasting beverage).

Since those were the only two redeeming moments from an otherwise work/school/emotional baggage heavy week, I'll leave you with some pretty pictures of a Saturday morning at the UC Riverside Botanical Gardens.  Nothing is quite so relaxing as wandering through nature.

(Serious face)

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good night  :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

...26, 27...

26 weeks pregnant.  27 years old.  And...

... in every sense of the word.

(Instagram makes me happy.  Pretty filters = instantly more interesting life).

I'm not the sort that panics at the thought of getting older.  True, it blows my mind how fast the time seems to go - my childhood and teenage years seemed to take forever, but now the years are flying by and I can barely keep up.  I'm enjoying getting older, though.  Every year seems to be better than the last.  I know myself and love myself better, discover new interests and passions, connect and reconnect with wonderful people, and generally grow closer to becoming the person I want to be.  Sappy but true. 

My 26th year on earth was fantastic and the best yet.  I started running, joined a running club, made new friends, ran two races, and hit a peak distance of 12-miles.  This was a HUGE deal for me - I've never been so proud of myself.  After spending most of my life obese and never engaging in anything remotely athletic, I was shocked to learn this year that I am happiest when physically pushing my body to and through it's limits.

During my 26th year I marked 6 years of knowing and 3 years of marriage to my husband.  No marriage is perfect and the first two years of ours were rocky - what with adjusting to a totally new country and culture (for my husband), job transitions, financial struggles, and simply getting to know each other all over again as "husband and wife" instead of "two foreign college kids shacking in Kenya."  It was tough, but I can say that the past year was the first where I felt truly settled into my relationship.  We understand and accept each other more fully now.  Communication is always a work in progress, but we are getting so much better. Most importantly, I have that sense of constant security and support that comes from knowing without a doubt that the person you love most, loves you back and is in it with you for the long haul.  Again, I know, sappy.  Still true though.

(Oh, pre-pregnant body, how I miss you...)

This was also the year I finally, finally met my husband's parents.  Planning their trip was our primary focus over the summer/fall months, and I enjoyed the anticipation, preparation, and getting to work together with my husband on something (we're extremely independent people with very different interests - collaboration is rare, believe it or not).  Besides enjoying the company, the experience confirmed something for me that I'd always suspected:  you cannot truly know or appreciate someone until you understand who and where they come from.

And of course, age 26 will always stand out for me as the year this happened:

I guess it doesn't seem like much: I didn't take any grand vacations, party it up every (or any) weekend, make giant career moves... but for me, personally, this has been a momentous year, and one characterized primarily by CHANGE.  Change that I seek out for myself, for the better.  Change that is thrust upon by outside sources that I have little or no control over.  If I had to condense all the lessons of the past year into one, it would be this:  I have a hard time dealing with change.  Who, me?  Me, who has moved 11 times in the last 9 years?  Who flees the continent on a whim?  Its true, and I finally recognize my past actions for what they really are - a frantic search for stability in an inherently unstable world.  My 26th year is the year I finally found that sense of stability in my relationships, job, attitude, etc.  We're facing so many changes in the next year that, I admit, 27 has me feeling a bit apprehensive. My goal going forward is definitely to keep an open mind, roll with the changes, and gracefully go in the direction life is leading me (instead of tightening my fist and trying to control everything all the time).

And in the spirit of embracing change (or trying to) I also FINALLY cashed in an Amazon Local voucher that I bought back in October and got a haircut.  Like, a real one, in a fancy salon!  Rather than stick with the same style Ive been rocking for 27 years now, I opted for something a bit different:

It's growing on me  :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

From woe to wonderful


Don't let this deceptively peaceful picture fool you - this weekend has been anything but.  Saturday began with me being a hormonal wreck, reached a crescendo in the early afternoon when our fridge died and my husband's computer caught a virus and crashed (these events happened simultaneously, of course), and wrapped up when I crawled into bed at 9pm and swore off the world for the next 12 hours.

Today was better.  The fridge came back to life, sort of - time will tell.  The computer recovered.  I made it to the gym finally for Body Pump, and came home to a luxurious 1.5 hour nap with the windows open and fresh air breezing in.  Then ate too much cake.  And now I'm ready for a long shower and an evening in bed with a book I borrowed from my brother (Game of Thrones, and no I haven't seen the HBO series).

Last week was spring break (not even REMOTELY exciting when you work full time in addition to school), so this week I'm starting a new class.  10 more weeks and I'm done until fall, looking forward too a long leisurely summer spent... you know... giving birth and caring for an infant.  Gulp.

Speaking of things, I've done a lot of baby shopping in the last week which I will do a post on later.  23 weeks and the clock is ticking!  Next week she will be considered "viable" and stand a decent chance of surviving on the outside if she were to come early (don't you dare, little girl) so I'm definitely feeling the need to get things prepared.

And finally, what is spring without another Journal Challenge??  This one sponsored by my dear friend Charlotte.  It's only for a week, but there are seven great prompts and I'm looking forward to spending a little creative time every day.  Hopefully this will get me inspired to start on some of the nursery art I've been planning to make.

Today's prompt: Introduce yourself. 

Good night!