Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sugar and spice, and everything nice.

 I wish I could say the Spring weather is as beautiful as these Spring flowers... but alas... rain again tomorrow for SoCal.  The husband and I did get out this afternoon for a beautiful 3.2 mile walk around town - my ever-more-compressed lungs weren't entirely happy, but smelling the orange blossoms on the breeze and silly conversations about all the beautiful houses we passed by more than made up for some slight discomfort. 

I came home and did 15 minutes of Prenatal Power Vinyasa Yoga to stretch out, and now I feel fantastic!  After straining an abdominal muscle on Monday (by moving a big mattress by myself, then heaving some boxes up into the closet, then topping it off with an hour of yoga. I know, I know...) I was forced to take a few days off of any sort of exercise, and I tell you, I missed it terribly.  I can't tell you how badly I wanted to break into a run today, but I knew my big bouncing belly wouldn't be too happy with me.

But let's back up a bit, shall we?  It's been an eventful week, and it kicked off last weekend when we made our way over to the mall to take a peek at our little peanut.  I felt really weird about getting a purely cosmetic ultrasound at the mall (made worse when the employee rolled in to open the store 20 minutes late, looking like she was still asleep), but I must say, I'm SO glad we went after all.  Watching our baby squirm around in there, flexing limbs and rolling side to side... it was just amazing.  I left feeling so much more connected to her.


We're having a girl!  My feelings on this, since we found out, have been complicated and probably require a separate post entirely.  I was already in love with my baby who I've never met, but now I'm in the process of falling in love with the thought that I will have a daughter.  A daughter! Life is full of beautiful surprises.

The following week was a rough one though... busy at work, trying desperately to idiot-proof myself for a final exam on Thursday, and experiencing an epic plunge in self-confidence (temporary and probably hormone induced, I'm sure).  I love my pregnant self, I really do, but I can't lie - it's been hard to pretty much relinquish control of my body, to watch it stretch, expand, pile on weight, and surprise me with new and not always pleasant symptoms all the time.

After a bummer of a week, I needed something to once again get me feeling excited about the miracle happening inside me right now.  So, my mom and I went out to lunch, and over to Babies 'R' Us to create a gift registry!  There's something very empowering about wandering around with a little scanner, indulging in every impulse.  It did the trick though - I'm a planner, organizer, list-maker and goal-setter by nature, so making a big ol' list of everything we're going to need was immensely satisfying and relaxing. 

No abstraction anymore - 4 months until we have a baby.  I am so, so excited to meet her  :)


  1. 4 months. So crazy!

    " ever-more-compressed lungs..."

    Yeah, that is one weird thing. Does it feel like it is harder to breathe these days. Like a deep breath with lungs full of air is challenging, especially when sitting? Egads, that is one new thing that has been bugging me. Pile add it to the list!

  2. I am so thrilled for you and for our expanding family! I feel like I get to experience this deeper, more soulful, part of pregnancy through you, since I will likely never have it myself. And the gratitude I have for you for that is bigger than I could ever convey. Love you.