Friday, December 16, 2011

Catching Up

It appears I have failed miserably at blogging regularly... sad, but understandable, since this has been  by far the busiest 10 weeks of my life. Let's recap, shall we?

First, I ran a race!

Mission Inn 10K - the starting line....
And the triumphant finish!
Thanksgiving happened, and I roasted my first Turkey!
I swear it tasted delicious, food just does NOT photograph well in my dark kitchen.
We spent a looooong day at LAX waiting for my husband's family to arrive from Nigeria.

The 5 faces of jetlag.
 And not even a week later, we were back at LAX to collect his parents!

We went to a Christmas party.
Yeah, we clean up pretty good.

The longest quarter of my life came to an end, and I passed both of my classes!  Information Management I even passed with an A, which I in no sense deserved, but luckily I teamed up with a diligent group who didn't turn me in for my slacker-ness (yes, I was THAT group member). 

A couple days later, my husband finished up his two-year journey to a Master's degree, and we went to his graduation.

Proud wifey.

Husband with my parents.

With his folks and brother-in-law.

Whew, this month has been beyond crazy, and I can't catch my breath yet....  I currently have around 5 dozen cookies circulating through my oven and pounds of cheese to slice for a holiday party tomorrow.  It's kind of an anniversary, vow renewal, Christmas, families meeting party all rolled into one.  Confused?  Me too.  If nothing else... there will be food!  Goodnight all.

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  1. Well Kunle's parents are beyond cute. Can't wait to meet them, and to see you tonight!