Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Ode to the Farmer's Market

There are so many things I love about where we live now... it's hard to believe that I once tried to flee to the other side of the globe to get away from all things familiar.  Youthful rebellion, maybe?  Or the fact that I actually "grew up" in the next town over, which is not so nice?  Either way, this week I've been full of gratitude that, at least for now, we live in such a quaint little corner of the world.  Technically we're right in the middle of the Inland Empire sprawl, but Redlands is like a little oasis, in a way.  So here are a few pictures in tribute to my favorite Thursday night activity: Market Night!

Is it sad that I get so excited over fresh produce?

There's just something so beautiful about all the different shapes and colors of veggies on display.

And the flowers....

Oh, the flowers....

However, tonight I will NOT be attending Market Night, since I have managed to talk the Husband into going out for Indian food (because the thought of cooking, or even being, in a 100 degree house with no AC is unfathomable).  Hooray for spontaneous date nights!