Saturday, June 4, 2011

Short span of attention

Welcome, friends, to the land of unfinished projects.

I took up crocheting about a year ago, with the intention of making all my Christmas gifts.  I was semi-successful.  Since then, however, I've totally lost my focus!  I am not generally the kind to start things that I don't finish (I just avoid starting in the first place) but I looked around last week and noticed that my apartment is filled with abandoned piles of yarn.  So sad!  For example, the above was supposed to be a blanket.  In my defense, this was an enormous undertaking - I made about 15 of these little squares, which took forEVER, and only have.... 41 to go??  I've picked it up again this weekend (there's nothing like impending final exams to leave me scrounging around for ANYTHING ELSE to do!) and hope to have a finished product sometime this year.

This is a scarf that I actually finished, which I was gong to give to someone, but I decided at the last minute that I wanted to make something different.  I unraveled half of it and used it for a different project, so now I am left with a half of a scarf and not enough yarn to finish it!

 Ditto this one - this was meant to be a gift for my husband, and I only need tiny bit of yarn to finish the border.

This is a curly scarf for my Ma... as you can see, plenty of yarn, not so much ambition!  I'll definitely finish this one soon.

My husband is working this morning and I have the house to myself.... which means a blissful morning of blogging, drawing, and PB&J with hazelnut coffee for breakfast.

I'm off to buy new running shoes!!

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  1. You and me both. I am not good at finishing projects either, but I am great at starting them! Sounds like a lovely morning!